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WA Market Fresh Fish

Fresh Fish Perth 
is a family-owned business founded by Mark Ettles and his wife Monique Thibaud.
WA Market Fresh Fish proudly offers the WA community, the freshest sustainably line caught West Australian Fish caught by West Australian fisherman.
We constantly strive to provide the freshest and best quality fish available from Western Australian waters at competitive prices. We are  passionate about supporting local fishermen and are committed to ensuring that we give back to the WA community.
Our intention is simple -
"Better quality at a better price because it's direct from the fisherman.”
We take pride in every step of the process and we will go above and beyond to ensure that the best quality, freshest and most mouth-watering fish is available daily to local West Australians.

WA Market Fresh Fish owner Mark Ettles preparing some fresh fish

Our story
Mark Ettles was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. Monique Thibaud was born in Nice and raised in Vallauris , a town near Cannes. Together, they are family focused and share a passion for the outdoors, the sea, fishing and wellness.

Their intention is to provide the freshest and best quality fish not only to their family, but for all families in the WA community.

Both Monique and Mark share in the following belief -
Fish should be local, fresh, nutritious, delicious and prepared with love.
Their commitment to this philosophy commences from the ocean and then extends to their very loyal and much loved customers.

Their desire to support the local community, local fishermen and also provide the freshest, highest quality Western Australian fish inspired them to commence their business -
WA Market Fresh Fish.


WA Market Fresh Fish

WA Market Fresh Fish blackboard with list of fresh fish

You will find The WA Market Fresh Fish Van located at The George Burnett Leisure Centre parking lot in Manning Road, Karawara most days unless we are out catching fish! To stay up to date with our operating hours as well as the latest catches, follow us on  Facebook, Instagram or just connect the old fashioned way - by phone, text or email and we will keep you in the loop.  You will always find our van fully stocked with the freshest, sustainably line caught West Australian Fish. If you want the best and most nutritious fish for your meals, we offer "Western Australian deep water fin fish”. For example - Dhufish, Red Emperor, Bluebone Grouper, Goldband jobfish, Breaksea cod, 8 Bar Grouper, Harpuka, Nannygai, Coral Trout, Rankin cod and many more marvellous deep water species. All with a high fat content which means more Omega 3’s for a healthy body. WA Market Fresh Fish trailer and display of fresh fish

You will find The WA Market Fresh Fish Van located most days at
The George Burnett Leisure Centre parking lot in Manning Road, Karawara in Western Australia.
To stay up to date with our operating hours, latest catch details and special offers,
LIKE the WA Market Fresh Fish  Facebook or Instagram page.
GO NUTS and LIKE them both if you want! If Social Media isnt your thing, just Phone, Text or Email us and we will be happy to keep you informed and up to date. At the moment, if you place an order with us via phone, text or email, remember.....we are a pick up only van unless prior arranged.
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Mark & Monique

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WA Market Fresh Fish


Email us on - wamarketfreshfish@gmail.com
Phone or text message - 0488 029 911